Sheet Fixed Guardrail Edge Protection

Fixed protection for metal roofs

Pro-Guard sheet fixed guardrail system is designed to provide collective edge protection for sheeted roof areas. The sheet fixed system can be installed on traditional trapezoidal roof sheets or standing seam roofs, and when installed provides a fully compliant solution that is modular in design and easy to install. A range of associated fittings such as corners, end terminations, and access gates are available to complete the system.

Pro-Guard Freestanding Guardrail

Fully compliant solution

BS EN 13374 : 2013

HSG INDG 284 – Working on Roofs

HSG33 – Safety in Roofwork

BS 6399 – Part 2: 1995 Wind Code

Dependable and Secure
A Durable sheet fixed guardrail system

Pro-Guard sheet fixed guardrail edge protection system has been designed to provide collective edge protection to all types of sheeted and standing seam roofs..

Just 4 Main components make up the basic system

Main Upright

  • Fully adjustable in height
  • Ready assembled for speedy installation
  • Durable galvanised steel
  • Easy to install

2500mm Crossrails

  • Pre-cut for easy installation
  • Durable galvanised steel tube
  • Lightweight and easy to cut

‘D’ End Termination

  • Purpose made end termination
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Quick and simple to attach
  • Easy to transport and store

90 Deg corner

  • Easy to attach
  • Made from galvanised cast iron
  • Used in pairs for each corner
  • To suit 48mm Dia tube

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